i tre furniture is at the cutting edge of timber technology today. Having one of the finest hard wood knowledge bases in the world enables a great level of creative freedom in fulfilling commissions. Handmade Wooden furniture created using steambending and the highest level of craftsmanship is of a standard which could never be reached by manufacture. Working with Native hardwoods, and mainly focussing on Oak, Elm and Ash i tre creates bespoke furniture, which will last for generations and become the antiques of the future.

Using sustainable native timber sources supports British industry and will preserve the forests for future generations to enjoy. English Oak has been used in furniture making for centuries and improves with age, thereby ensuring the integrity of the piece is maintained throughout its long life. Steambending is a technique initially developed by the Vikings, but which has been refined by the i tre team to create beautiful and unique forms.

Handmade oak furniture has its own particular aesthetic, which makes it a favourite with collectors, galleries and makers alike and nobody does it quite like i tre furniture.

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