Excellence in design is one of the cornerstones of i tre furniture. Petter Bjorn Southall is at the forefront of Norwegian Design. Furniture Design has been moving towards the principles of Scandinavian Design for most of the 20th Century. Based on simple uncluttered lines and the fundamental principles of Ergonomic Design Scandinavian Designed Furniture offers its users comfort and longevity.

Norwegian Designers have used wood as their primary resource since even before the era of the Vikings. Scandinavian design, and more specifically Norwegian Design, has been pushing the boundaries of unique and original forms within wooden furniture for centuries. This attitude towards innovation runs through all Scandinavian and Norwegian Design and is clearly evident in i tre pieces.

To see examples of the Norwegian Designer, Petter Southalls work follow the link to our web site. The i tre gallery exhibits many original and unique pieces which are influenced by Scandinavian Design.

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